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CIN Motorsports

CIN is the Carolina’s best speed shop specializing in Chevrolet, Infiniti and Nissan service, repair and performance modifications.  Your work is supported by a wealth of automotive service experience and established performance credentials –  all benefiting from a reasonable overhead, innovative solutions, and ASE Certified Technicians. This formula sets CIN Motorsports as the top value choice for your automotive needs.

Not enough budget for your build? Don’t cut corners! CIN Motorsports’ bank has great financing options! Let them build your car right the first time. Applying is simple! Drop them a line and CIN will have their bank representative call you directly to begin the process securely and discretely.

CIN’s attention to detail and quality results have the Carolina’s Chevrolet and G/Z Owner’s attention for reliable and repeatable performance. CIN’s program provides proven components – selected upon results, not hype. CIN can reduce expenses and headaches by offering economical solutions that equal or exceed the desired performance and handling goals. CIN can insure no item or feature is left out, or perhaps the worse thing – that a component does nothing but contribute to the cost of the project. Talk to them about your project and let them get it done for you the right way, from the start.

CIN’s in house Mustang MD-1100 Dynamometer permits the tune of any 2WD vehicle up to 2500whp. From the normally aspirated track car with 300whp to the 1000+ HP LS twin turbo 350Z to a 1000hp supercharged Corvette; CIN have demonstrated the patience and expertise to get every last ounce of reliable/usable power out of a performance car. CIN’s tuning expertise allows them to provide the performance tune that you want, for the way you drive your car. CIN currently tune in house with best infrared thermometer, Uprev’s Osiris (Nissan/Infiniti) and HPTuner’s VCM Suite (GM). A dyno evaluation is the 1st step to improved performance, and for sorting out poor 3rd party tuning issues, improving performance and  negating the possibility of a catastrophic motor event. Don’t wait. Contact them for a dyno appointment today, and ask about their ‘Perpetual Tune’ program with performance modifications.

OEM replacement flash lite torch parts of car, reasonable labor prices and ASE certified technicians familiar with your vehicle. Why pay more to have someone else service your vehicle? From oil changes to 30k, 60k, 90k maintenance to engine replacement, no one will take as fine a care of your car as CIN Motorsports. Do you have an issue the dealership can’t seem to fix or you want to spend a lot less money for the same work? CIN would very much appreciate the opportunity to win over another loyal customer.

CIN provide parts that they have tested and know work. Want to know why they suggest this aftermarket part? Want to know how they feel about an aftermarket part that isn’t listed in their online shop? Contact them and they’ll be happy to help you make an informed decision.