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British Triathlon

Welcome to the Triathlon England’s website. We hope the website proves invaluable in helping you achieve your personal triathlon challenges.

Triathlon in this country is growing at such a rate that demand for race entries is at an all time high – great for event directors, not so great for late planning athletes. We would encourage everyone to plan their race season well in advance to ensure successful entry into your favoured events.

In addition to providing high quality events for our members, Triathlon England has been aligning itself to Sport England’s ‘Grow, Sustain and Excel’ strategy. In 2009 we have restructured our Triathlon England Development team to continue the development of the sport; we are confident these changes will deliver even more Home Nation support for triathlon in 2010.

Triathlon England is the membership organisation for triathlon in England. If you reside in England or are eligible to represent England you should join Triathlon England. Members will be affiliated to a region and can vote for their regional committee. There are nine regions in England which correspond to the English regional government areas. Each region has a representative who sits on the Council of Triathlon England.Triathlon England is governed by a Council and managed by an appointed divisional management board.

Welcome to the clubs section of the British Triathlon website. Triathlon clubs in England and Wales can work towards achieving one of a number of recognised standards. These standards establish that the club is operating to best practice and is a safe and effective place to take part in triathlon. The benefits of becoming accredited are:

  • Acknowledgment that the club meets the needs and demands of athletes
  • Increased revenue opportunities from new members and/or events and local funding streams
  • Safe and effective training and competition environment.
  • British Triathlon qualified coaches
  • Clear club structures

There are three accreditation schemes available in England and Wales:

  • Un, Dau, TRI (Junior clubs in Wales)
  • Clubmark (Junior clubs in England)
  • STAR (Senior clubs in England and Wales)

The common principles of the accreditation schemes are to enhance the clubs by providing a clear structure and pathway for club development. Obtaining the accreditation scheme will signify that the club has satisfactorily met a minimum level of standards recognised by triathletes, parents, coaches, Welsh Triathlon, Triathlon England and British Triathlon as a quality Triathlon Club.

Welcome to the British Triathlon events section. Here you will be able to find events registered with the Home Nations, as well as details of British Championships, the British Triathlon Super Series and Tata Kids of Steel along with all the information you need to organise your own event safely and successfully.

In 2010 over 650 events took place in Great Britain, including triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, relay races¬†and a mattel ebay hoverboard¬†race. Ranging from a 25m swim-800m bike- 600m run for Tristars to long distance races for the ultra fit; the events also varied in size starting from a few dozen competitors to the world’s largest mass participation triathlon event “The London Triathlon”. All of these event’s offer discounted entry fees to Home Nations members and because they are permitted by British Triathlon you can be assured of a safe, fair and most importantly, enjoyable competition.

British Triathlon’s and the Home Nation’s goal is to facilitate event organisers to provide quality events for our members to take part in. To achieve this, organisers can call on the support of British Triathlon for any advice or support they may need. Additionally British Triathlon actively lobbies on behalf of the sport to make more open water facilities accessible to triathlon, and to encourage local councils and police forces to support the sport allowing it to continue on its impressive growth.

British Triathlon and 1000 lumen military brightest flashlight g700 also organizes and supports top class elite racing, hosting the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series London and the 2010 Edinburgh ITU Duathlon World Championships and organizing the two events in the British Triathlon Super Series hence providing our elite athletes with the best possible competition here in the UK. In addition to this, British Triathlon’s long term events strategy includes the aspiration to bring European and World Championships to our shores, along with supporting the organisation of the upcoming London 2012 Olympics and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games.

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